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Gaurav Gorkhali from India (1st Chance)

  • September 23, 2018

Gaurav Gorkhali from India (1st Chance)

Gaurav Gorkhali recently studying in Dehradun India. He and his team Da Desi Toli is presenting a song Title “Didi”. The type of song is Nepali Rap Song. This song is composed, lyrics and vocal by Gourav himself and Music by PMST Nepal. A video by Rahul Singh Raiychu. This video is Releasing soon from PMST Nepal Youtube channel on Friday 28th of Sep, 2018.

This project has proven that distance doesn’t matter when we use technology. Both Da Desi Toli and PMST Nepal have coordinate to make this project in existence.

The singer Gaurav Gorkhali explain about the music and concept of the video.

He said Poverty is not a curse. He said this song try to reflect all the people who are below the poverty line. It is a story of a young boy who never gets economical supports from his family. His father is an alcoholic and never take responsibility for his own family. His mother is sick and sister have not married.

There is lots of real-time situation going on video. The video has real pain, facts, betray and sadness he wants us to watch on video.

The end of the story is carried as the boy commit suicide. He blames himself as a culprit of his sister.

He also said that the poverty causes many crimes. Many families Ruined due to lack of money. He wants everyone to help them whom you think they are poor.

Every people have their own thought and their own art. So, respect all. Its reflect you and your humanity.

September 23, 2018 Published


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