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  • July 24, 2016

Band Name : INFRARED

Sunja Bomjhan, Alinz Tamang, Roshan Lama, Nikesh Budhathoki and Sujan Shrestha  from Left to right respectively

Vocalist : Sujan Shrestha
Rapper : Sunjay Bomjhan, Roshan Lama, Alinz Tamang
Starring : Nikesh Budhathoki, Maiya Nagarkoti

About Band:
Hey guys, we are Infrared.Our band was established on 2072-08-23(in kathmandu). Our all members are from Kathmandu, Sitapaila. The vocalist of our band is Sujan Shrestha and rapper are Sunjay Tamang, Roshan Tamang, Alinz Tamang. We all are from Capitol Hill (Shuvayuga) Secondary School, Sitapaila, Kathmandu. This is the first song by “Infrared” hope you guys enjoy our song and have fun.

Credit and Supports:
First of all we would like to thanks our parents. And we are grateful to Manish Shrestha, Pema Man Singh Tamang, Om. K. Rai,S uraj Magar(Darlami), and our friends Anup Kunwar, Kiran Khadka and to all PMST Team for their supports.
We would like to thanks to all supporters for leading us to our success, without them it would not be easy and possible for us.

Inspiration and Motivation:
Our family are vary influential person for us a lot.

Discovering 1st Chance:
We came here to know about this project by the help of Manish brother.

Song Title: Bani ko kahani
Composer : Roshan Tamang
Lyrics : Roshan Tamang
Music Director : Pema Man Singh Tamang


Video shoot Photos and Full Music Video Coming soon

July 24, 2016 Published


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