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New Scarce

  • May 27, 2016

Name : New Scarce
Introduce : 
Address : 
Maharajgung, Kathmandu.Nepal

New Scarce1
Lebi Bogati, Aamos Bogati, Umang Shrestha and Samu Rai from Left to right respectively

Band Details:
Vocalist : Aamos Bogati
Lead guitarist :Samu Rai
Drummer : Lebi Bogati
Bassist : Umang Shrestha

About Band:
Hi guys, we are New Scarce Band. We love to play many types of music like Hard rock, Metal, Melody and Vibration. Our Band was established in 2072-09-05(In Kathmandu). Our all members are from many different places of our country. Our Vocalist and Drummer are from Dharan, and our Lead guitarist is from Kathmandu and our Bassist is from Tamukoshi. But we all meet each other in Holy Care School, Bansbari, Kathmandu in our School life. We like to rock the people a lot. And we make the real stories songs dedicated in our life and other life.

Our parents are very supportive in our good and better desicions, they always help us. One year ago we are simple person and nobodies know us but now people will know us by our talent. And we hope that all around the world we’ll known by our talent and struggle.

After some year of struggle we have got a opportunity to show our talent. Thank you PMST Nepal to giving us the chance to show our talent to the world. We know that, this is just a starting of our music career but we believe that you are showing us the right way for our life.

Credit and Supports:
First to our parents and our closed friend Suraj. We are grateful to Pema Man Singh Tamang, Om.K.Rai and the team of PMST Nepal for their support. Without their supports and help, it would not be easy and possible for us.

Fan of:
We are fan of AcDc, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Shadow Band of  Nepal and Guns and Roses.

Inspiration and Motivation:
Our family are very influential person for us a lot.

Discovering 1st Chance:
We came here to know about this project by Facebook.

Song Title : Bhuechalo
Compose : Samu Rai
Lyrics : Aamos Bogati
Music Director : Pema Man Singh Tamang


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May 27, 2016 Published


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