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Nitesh Poudel (1st Chance Participant)

  • September 14, 2018

Nitesh Poudel (1st Chance Participant)

My Story

My Name is Nitesh Poudel AKA Nit Esh from Lalbandi-16, Sarlahi, Janakpur Zone of south-eastern Nepal born in  2059/5/19 BS. I have just finished the Test exam and preparing for SEE (SLC).

Wiz Khalifa was my first impression and interest towards rap. And then the Raw Bar battle program completely change my mind to rap myself. It was my inner start but I was looking for my existence.

My family background is not so good and the place where I live is also the urban area. To make myself happy I used to sing among friend or in different social events and if there is no one around I used to sing myself but peoples used to rag me with different unusual names too. I really want me to prove myself. So, I start to search for the opportunity.

In the process, I come across to PMST Nepal YouTube channel and then their facebook page as well as the website. I saw that PMST Nepal was giving the opportunity to the new artist so I text them saying “I m new and I need help”. After a few hours, I got the reply that they were ready to help. They also said that they have a 1st chance program where they were given an opportunity to record our own audio and video on that program.

I was so impressed and visit the PMST Nepal office where all PMST Nepal family were very friendly, like my guardian, even I called uncle to one of the members. They have suggested me and give better advice for my betterment and future reference. They also talk to my family and we were all set to do the 1st chance project. So, the final product of our work is here.

This is my 1st attempt and my dream starts here.

I am really thankful to my family and entire PMST Nepa l Team especially to Pema Man Singh Tamang Uncle for everything.

September 14, 2018 Published


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