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Pemba Sherpa

  • July 10, 2017

Name : Pemba Sherpa
Adress : Dhapasi, Kathamandu Nepal


Family Details
Father : Ladurchi Sherpa
Mother : Diki CHorden Sherpa
Brother : Nima Sherpa and Sangay Sherpa

His Own words :
Hi, I m Pemba Sherpa with love my family and friends called me Urgin. I love music and my passion on music started early form my child hood. I was born and grown up on Basundhara, Kahtmandu.

About this song, this song belongs to my big brother Nima Sherpa who is struggling in Kuwait Jail. My brother Nima always support me to sing and this song is also dedicated to him and all the friend and individual who knows my brother. Sad to say but This is a true story of my brother.

My family is so supportive and inspiring they were always been my pillar wherever I step into and even for my music career. I used to sing in school, college and on different program. Finally, i had an opportunity to record and to visualize my own song.

Thanks to Nima Dai that he let me know about this project 1st Chance

Thanks to PMST Nepal Who believe and support me.

Song Title: Eklai
Vocal : Pemba Sherpa
Compose/Lyrics: Nima Sherpa
Music: Pema Man Singh Tamang

July 10, 2017 Published


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