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Shahas Nephop

  • November 27, 2016

Shahas Nephop

Name : Shahas Nephop
DOB : 2051-03-30


Hey guys, What’s up?? I’m Shahas straight outta K-Town. I started to rap since from my childdood and music was my passion.

I believe in struggle n hard work. I just like to create lyrics when i feel good,happy,sad,upset n when i see real things in my around. I’ve been underground rapper from few years n this is my 1st official video.

I would like to thanks all PMST team for big support and thank to Deepa Lama for constant motivation to make things done.

Credit and supporters: My family and friends and PMST team as well.

Song Title: Sakdina Hola
Compose/Lyrics: Shahas Nephop
Chorus melody : Suraj Yonjan
Music: Pema Man Singh Tamang


Click here for his MUSIC VIDEO 

November 27, 2016 Published


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