आश्विन १६ गते, २०७९  /  October 2nd, 2022

About Us

Our ten years of empirical study in the musical field of Nepal has demonstrated that sufficient artist could not survive in the music industry in Nepal, Today also we see the same artists who were introduced ten years before. During this period so called artist, many came and went. Among them very few became prominent artist in the country. Does this mean that there were only few artists within this whole country? Or artist were failed due to lack of enough talent in their side. Our study says BIG NO! And we found that there are sufficient people like you who are qualified to be prominent artist in the country.  However many talented people could not step to path of success in the musical world are the following basic reasons behind

  1. Talented but lack of finance
  2. Have Talent and finance but expensive try with no return policy

Looking the burning problems as above PMST Nepal has introduced a program named 1st Chance with the aims to meet the above challenges. In fact PMST Nepal believes that most of the people like you have talent to be good artist if they are proved with suitable environment.  So do not be hopeless and harsh and be courageous PMST Nepal 1st chance program is here to support you and to grow your talent in a way to harvest better fruit.



Mr. Pema Man Singh Tamang