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Celebrating 25 years of Mongolian hearts in Nepali Music

2018-This year will be the 25th year since the establishment of several prominent bands including Nepathya, Mukti and Revival, Cobweb, and Mongolian Hearts, which has given occasion to organise commemorative concerts across the country. Nepali New Year, 2075, will mark the silver jubilee for influential Folk-Pop band, Mongolian Hearts. As such, the band is set to perform in a Grand Live Concert on on 8th Baisakh 2075 at the Hyatt Grounds in Chucchepati starts from 1pm – 7pm. And the ticket price is also very cheap only Rs.25 this program is not only for celebration also for the purpose all the collections will go to the Tusal Youth Club.

According to guitarist and spokesperson of the group, Bobby Lama, all proceeds from the concert will go to the Tusal Youth Club. “This is our celebration,” he added. Frontman Raju Lama Speaking of the upcoming concert, Lama said, “Our only object is to share our happiness with our fans, friends, and well wishers.”

Established in 1992, the band has produced six very successful albums to date and according to guitarist, Bobby Lama, the upcoming concert will also mark the launch of their seventh studio album. After the 2004 departure of four of its six members, Bobby and Raju Lama are the only ones who remain from the original Mongolian Hearts line up. The band was reformed as a five person group under Bobby’s initiative. The current lineup includes Kiran Nagarkoti (lead guitar), Santosh Thapa (drums), and Pawan Kapali (Bass).

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