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‘Happy Days’ in cinemas around Nepal!

Happy Days, a romantic drama, is structured around four characters seeking love and success in the UK.

Happy Days is director Milan Chams’ fourth feature directorial, following Hasiya (2014), Bir Bikram (2015), and the upcoming Blind Rocks, which, the director informed, is currently undergoing post-production.

Happy Days is a romantic-drama revolving around a love triangle. Shot entirely in the Great Britain, the film, according to its producers, was made with a total budget of Rs 25 million.

The film features actors Sanjay Gupta, and Joniya Limbu, besides Karki and Rai in the lead roles. The film features background scores by Tara Prakash Limbu, while the lyrics have been penned by Dinesh Raut and Naresh Bhattarai.

April 27, 2018 Published


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