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Hari, America Boys bring new tales to cinemas

2018-Nepali cinemas saw the release of two comedies this week—Hari and America Boys. Directed by debutantes Pratik Gurung and Safal KC, Hari stars Bipin Karki in the lead role and has received rave reviews from the critics and audience alike.

Critics have been positive about the film’s use of a novel narrative technique, and have lauded the way Hari “trail-blazes on its own path at a time when almost all of the Nepali films are commercially-oriented.”

As one critic wrote, “For the most part, Hari is magnificent. If only for the richness of visual language, we need more films like Hari… But it might not satisfy those filmgoers who are used to enjoying mainstream Nepali films.”

Hari is currently competing at the box office with American Boys, which stars Sandip Chhetri, the darling of Nepali television, Arpan Thapa and another up-and-coming comedian Kameshwore Chaurasiya.

The producers of America Boys organised a viewing party at Kumari Hall in the Capital which saw the presence of noted comedians, actors and directors on Monday.

Speaking after the show, comedian Kiran KC said that he would score America Boys a full hundred out of hundred. “I really liked the screenplay,” KC said. “I didn’t know much about the directors. But there is not a single instance where the film is trying too hard to make you laugh,” KC added, before lamenting, “If only the film had a more lively star cast…”

Directed by Prabesh Poudel, America Boys tells the story of three youths who lie to their families about moving to the US.

June 6, 2018 Published


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