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Horror flick Sunakeshari sets up BO clash with Koseli

The romantic drama Koseli has finally set its release date. The film will release on May 25, which will see the film clash at the box office with the anticipated horror flick Sunakeshari.

Written and directed by Manoj Khatri, Koseli will gift its viewers with a dose of love, war and tragedy, producers said.

“The film has been designed for the new crop of filmgoers. It’s a story that explores the changing landscape of love in this age. We are certain that the film will be appealing to its target audience,” director Khatri said.

Filmed under the banner of Bhole Baba Films, Koseli features actors Manoj Khatri, Dinesh Sharma, JN Ghimire, Rachana Lama and Uma Bhattarai, among others. While Sunakeshari, one of the few Nepali films based on the horror genre, is also slated to release on the same day.

Speaking about the film, director Arpan Thapa said during an event organised to release its first look, “Horror films have not been properly explored in Nepal, one can only think of a handful of films based on the horror genre. We were driven by a single motive to experiment and to provide Nepali audiences with a taste of a well-produced horror flick… Exploring new genres also helps the movie industry grow. We hope that with the film, we will be able to contribute to that to some extent.” Sunkesari tells the story of an Australian palace constructed around 1880 AD and how it is converted into a boutique hotel, and the strange tale of the supernatural beings that live among the hotel’s corridors.

Filmed under the banner of Reecha Sharma Productions, Sunakeshari features actors Reecha Sharma, Rabindra Jha, Sunny Dhakal, and Bhim Neupane, among others.

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