आश्विन १६ गते, २०७९  /  October 2nd, 2022

“Hurray” here it starts the shoot for the movie

Dawa sherpa (shetty)’s presents and producer “Hurray”
Written and Directed: Yam Thapa
Producers: Sonam lama Blon and Tsering dorjee lama

In this Movie Keki and Anoop are in lead Role. Raja Ram Poudel, Prakash Ghimire, Bijay Baral, Ankit Khadka, Sangita Napit, Upadesh Timilsina are likewise featuring in the movie. Movie sketch the story of a young girl who sells flowers in the commence of the popular sanctuary, Pashupatinath.

The screenplay has been written and directed by Yam Thapa. The cinematography of the movie has done by Shiva Dhakal and the music for the movie has been contributed by the Kaliprasad Baskota and Rajanran Shiwakoti.

Bikram Swar and Roshan Bhattarai are the choreographers whereas the editing of the movie will be done by Chandan Dutta.

August 22, 2017 Published


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