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‘Impressions of development work affect ‘

‘Impressions of development work affect some’

Officials say about Rs 17 billion to operate irrigation projects and canals damaged by the last flood.

According to the government officials, some of the new and revised programs related to the development of the construction were due to the constituency of the Election Code.

According to the report, last year, according to the schedule of election program, many development projects have been affected for a long time.

But the Ministry of Finance has shown that there is no impact on the high level.

Election officials of the Election Commission said that the code of conduct should not be attracted to the natural disasters.


Although the Ministry of Irrigation has passed the 17th rupees of Rupees for the construction of the irrigation infrastructure of Terai flood, the Election Code of Conduct will be attracted after the budget of the scheme has been stopped.

But it is said that Sagar Kumar Rai, spokesperson of the ministry, has been affected by the irrigation program.

He said, “Even though passed by the Council of Ministers, the meaning has been stopped in the ministry. The amount that is delayed will affect the work.”

Apart from the plan that has already been approved in the budget, when the new and revised development programs are brought in place, the code of conduct will be attracted, as many other schemes like the Ministry of Education are stopped.

“The code of conduct should not be stopped in the program of regular budget, only the problem will be added to the budget,” the Ministry of Education asked for 17 billion and it is not possible to give the present day.

Code of Conduct

The Election Commission had enforced the code of conduct from the local level elections in the previous year.

The Election Code of Conduct, which applies to the Government of Nepal, including the local bodies, and non-governmental organizations, is applicable to all.

The rules, which are not permissible to announce new policy, plan and program, approve, operate, and operate manpower and source resources for sleep.

Election commission spokesperson Navaraj Dhakal said that the budget has been stopped by the Commission for the budget constituency of the Constituency Sector Development Fund, 10 billion rupees. Similarly, various transfers and new schemes have been stopped. ”

Due to local level and state and representation, due to election schedule for 7 months this year, many programs seem to be affected.

However, during the big incident such as natural disasters, the conduct code of conduct will not be attracted.

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