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“Johnny Gentleman” Releasing Tomorrow in Cinemas

Johnny Gentleman
Genre : Love Story, Action, Thriller
Casts: Paul Shah, Aanchal Sharma, Bikash Joshi, Jaina Kuwar, Santosh Silwal Giri Dialogue/Story/Script: Mahesh Dawadi Cinematography: Rupesh Thapa, Ram Saran Upreti Drone: Suresh Kafle Editor: Nabin Niraula Music: Arjun Pokharel, Hercules Basnet, Brijesh Shrestha, Swachit Shakya Singer: Anju Pant, Suresh Lama, Hercules Basnet, Brijesh Shrestha, Swachit Shakya Action: Paras Bikram Shah, Dev Maharjan Choreographer: Keshav Thapa, Pravin Singh, Sarita Rachal Costume Designer: Uttam Banepali, Sunita Shrestha Chief Asst. Director: Dinesh Rawat, Ram Khadka Asst. Director: Bhisan Rai, Ram Khadka Theatrical Trailer: Shahil Khan Background Score: Alish Karki 5.1 Mixing: DJ LX Poudel Make Up: Pratigya Shah Media Cordinator: Dinesh Sitaula Color Grading: Kapil Parajuli Dubbing: Mukesh Shah (Red Studio) Motion Graphics/Poster Design: Shann Thapa, Vijay Bashyal (TAUWA) Post Production: Mount Everest VFX: Maya Animation Distributor: Sunil Manandhar (Shree Balaji Films) Production Desginer: Yam Oli Production Manager: Lison Dangi, Hari Adhikari Line Producer: Roshan Sharma Exe-Producer: Ajay Malla Thakuri Producer: Andrew Poudel Director: Nitin Chand

Johnny is small town gangster who is famous for his skill to escape from any prison and help the criminal to get out of prison. He does this for money. He has been watched by police but lack of proper evidence he has never been caught. This smart hunk, Johnny falls in love with a beauty who works in an NGO who’s name is Shree and now his life is headed towards a good turn but is not as simple as it seems. Now he has to fight both for his love and justice and and face many ups and downs but at the end will he prove himself a “Gentleman”?

September 14, 2017 Published


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