आश्विन १५ गते, २०७९  /  October 1st, 2022

Kamero has Finally Launched Their Official Music Video Nepenthe(s).

Nepenthe(s) is the seventh single of Kamero nine-track album Absence Paradox which tells the story of ‘Chhenaam’ through the lyrics and tone of the songs, but it is open to interpretation. The song title is an amalgamation of two words: ‘Nepenthe’ which is a fictional medicine that is believed to cure all human sorrow whereas ‘Nepenthes’ is a carnivorous pitcher plant that eats insects. This is in line with the central character ‘Chhenaam’ who is in a state of semi-consciousness being dragged through a hallway which sometimes resembles a hospital whereas other times seems like purgatory. This will be represented in a different context with the underlying theme being the same by Jazz Productions.

Song: Nepenthes
Artist: Kamero
Album: Absence Paradox

October 14, 2018 Published


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