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Mongolian Heart is celebrating their “Silver Jubilee” 

Mongolian Heart is celebrating their “Silver Jubilee”

Mongolian Heart is celebrating 25th anniversary so called SilverJubilee on 8th of Baisakh, Saturday, 1pm onward at Hyatt Regency Ground, Tussal with welcome entrance of Rs 25 only. Among the successful bands in Nepalese Musical Industry, Mongolian Heart is one of the most popular and favorite among till the day.

As per the press meet the lead vocalist of the band, Raju Lama has described that the band is going to organize more than dozen concerts in different places of Nepal within this year 2075 starting from Kathmandu and so on. Raju Lama also mention that all the member from beginning till to present member of MH as well as many well known faces, celebrities and artist are about to join the celebration. Raju Lama also mention that it is a charity program so collection of the fund will be donated to Tusal Yuva Club for charity concern.

Lastly, Mongolian Heart welcome and invite all the fans, friends, brother, sister and family to join the historical event and celebrate the 25th or silver Jubilee of Mongolian Heart together.

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