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Swastima Khadka to play tempo driver

A feature film to be directed by Binod Paudel, who is the principal of Oscar College of Film Studies, was announced on Monday amid a function held in the Capital. The film will feature Swastima Khadka, noted actress of films such as Hostel and Chhakka Panja 2, as a tempo driver.

The film, according to director Paudel, will explore the character of a tempo driver. “Our aim is to portray a familiar lifestyle, that of a tempo driver, as realistically as we can,” Paudel said speaking at the event. Paudel is the scriptwriter of Saanghuro, which told the story of a family residing in one of Kathmandu’s slums.

“I find it rather ironic that one should talk about the film in an announcement ceremony. A film should speak for itself,” Paudel said, adding, “With the film, we have tried to portray the reality of a certain class living in Nepal’s urban area. If nothing else, you’ll find sincerity in the work we do.” Speaking at the event, actress Swastima Khadka said that the film will be special to her, for the film “is not about glamour but about exploring the character.” Preparing for the character, Khadka is currently undergoing trainings.

Alongside Khadka, the film will also feature actors Joyes Pandey, Mukun Bhusal, Laxmi Bardewa, Dipak Chhetri and Ujwal Adhikari.

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