आश्विन २० गते, २०७९  /  October 6th, 2022


We arrange all kinds of filming shoot in Nepal. Our rapport with bureaucracy & knowledge of rules & regulations enables us to smoothly obtain all kinds of filming permits to shoot at the locations of your choice! As per your budget, we can arrange vehicles, accommodations are it luxurious or heritage hotels or budget stay. Traveling by air or overland can be arranged. Nepal itself is the highest producer of films thus there is easy availability of all the facilities required for shooting. Small/big studios, labs, post -production assistance, skilled helping crew, etc. are all obtainable in Nepal. In this way, Our Team at PMSTNepal is capable of providing both material and human resources needed for shooting a film.

We are coordinating total production service provider for following!

  1. Location Scouting
  2. Films, movie
  3. TV Commercials
  4. Music Videos
  5. Television Series
  6. Corporate films
  7. Documentary production
  8. Live Event Coverage
  9. The news agency, productions
  10. Fashion & Product Photography
  11. Research Services
  12. Transportation
  13. Hotel and Travel Services
  14. Permits and Necessary authorization paper works
  15. Artists arrangements

Low cost of production

The best part about filming in Nepal is the cost of total production which is comparably lower than any other location. It is so due to the vast network of facilities presented in the country. Whether it is specified for filming related expenses or general expenses such as accommodation, movement from one location to other, etc. Nepal offers an excellent range of facilities at competitive rates.

Easy Communication

Apart from the above-mentioned major facilities, there are other benefits also like easy communication with local people. As English is one of the official languages and widely spoken in every part of the country. This makes it easier for international crew members to communicate with local crew members. If the foreign crew belongs to the non-English speaking country then also local guides or interpreters can hire by us!