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Animesh Shahi short action sequence – THE SHOWDOWN

Animesh Shahi has exhibited a short video brimming with splendor. What strikes the most is how well this video has been exhibited. As far as editing and sound mixing the clip has an enchanting impact with the manner in which tuned sound echoes with the action sequences. The highlight of the video however, must be credited to the cinematic vibrancy and the vision of the director for this project. The defining point, the fine line between an amateur project and a Hollywood standard action sequence is certainly the way the scene is presented and what a spectacular way for Animesh Shahi to demonstrate it.

Proceeding on to the actual footage, in spite of the fact that the story has little to offer at this point, but Shahi has promised a sequel and hopefully that would be much more conclusive. The performance by the lead is admirable, while it doesn’t overstate action sequences as in the practice in most action based Nepalese movies. His execution merits adulate as there is a gigantic distinction between just randomly beating up the ‘bad guys’ but being able to indulge in the character and make it seem like the battle actually means something.

As mentioned in the description and pretty much something that was eagerly anticipated, the pouring rain (whether it was intentional or Mother Nature decided to side with the production) was a splendid part to bind and conclude the fight scene. It’s particularly praiseworthy because of that one crucial detail that most if not almost all filmmakers tend to oversee and that is how, our hero would be exhausted after engaging in a fight with over ten men at once. By the time he is up against the gang leader, he would be worn out and he was by no means to be portrayed as a supernatural being. So, him looking washed out towards the end should not be misjudged as a flaw in the performance but a brilliant way to present realistic scenario.

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