मंसिर १४ गते, २०७९  /  November 30th, 2022

“DIDI”- Gaurav Gokhali released his new Nepali Rap Song on trafficking from PMST Nepal Youtube channel. (Watch the Video)

This song try to reflect all the people who are below the poverty line. Tells a story of a young boy who never gets economical supports from his family. An alcoholic father who never take responsibility for his own family. Young boy who have to take all the responsibility towards his sick mother and his sister.

Beside taking all his family responsibilities he married his sister to the girl trafficeker who forced and traped them to get married his sister with him.

A girl trafficking in Nepal is a serious problem mainly in remote areas. Although, girl trafficking in Nepal is occurring in the urban areas. Girl traffickers have made a complex network to supply the girls to the places to of prostitution. Some 8,500 Nepalis are trafficked every year, according to the National Human Rights Commission. His sister was one of them and blames himself as a culprit of his sister. To the end of the story the boy commit suicide on the video.

Every people have their own thought and their own art. So, respect all. Its reflect you and your humanity.

Let’s fight against the Girls Trafficking in Nepal, protect and save many lifes.

September 29, 2018 Published


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