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Exclusive Interview Session with “Bijay Lama”

  • March 24, 2017
  • Interview

Exclusive Interview Session with “Bijay Lama”

Exclusive Interview with “Bijay Lama”
This interview is very motivational Interview. Revealing the story of renowned singer Bijay Lama. On his own words he describe his story how he started his musical career and about the first sparked idea towards it. He have also mentioned all the motivational elements and all the secret keys behind his strength, stability and success.

Bijay Lama Video links:
Rin Kati Rumal : https://youtu.be/gzmraSOVOeI
Juneli Raat Ma : https://youtu.be/XEUczB21wRA
Ma Hu Nepali : https://youtu.be/4NSP6oZzdBA
Roshi Khola Paari : https://youtu.be/MRkdDifQNiA
This interview session is the production of PMST Nepal name called “Interview session”
Venue : Embassy Restaurant & Bar, KTM
UK Media Partner : Nepali TV “UK”
VJ : Dharma Bajra Lama
Camera : Suraj Yonjan & Pema Man Singh Tamang
Edit/Director : Pema Man Singh Tamang

March 24, 2017 Published


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